Thinking of Web Development!! Think of Angular 2!

Open source, front-end JavaScript framework used to build dynamic web pages.

Angular 2 has been one of the long-awaited sequel to AngularJS, the world’s most popular JavaScript framework. It is slightly different from its main origin as this is a TypeScript-based, web application development platform that makes the switch from MVC to a component-based approach to web development.

Journey from AngularJS to Angular 2:
Back in the year 2009, when AngularJS was first introduced, the web was also in its transition phase. Drastic changes from static web pages and clunky UI to dynamic,interactive web apps has been noticed over the year ever since then. AngularJS was able to resolve the problem of building scalable, dynamic SPA for the emergent web.

Competitors were also picking up. The W3C had their new Web components and newer technologies being released eventually by the year 2014. “React”- a more components-oriented approach to web development had taken up the lead. There came a demand for responsive web apps that worked well with computers as well as mobiles. This is when our Angular team decided to rise up to victory and began to take the pace. September 2014 : The team announced to revamp the platform for modern web at ng-Europe developer Conference. There was no delay as the Angular team were able to have few initial developer release during the course of two years.
September 2016 : The final release version of Angular 2.

Why choose Angular 2 for your web development projects?
Angular 2, is a JavaScript framework built for the future. With the enormous features like new CLI, streamlined DI, improved data binding and a switch to components-based web developments, they were able to provide extensive support to mobiles and also have a responsive design. It was an all new era for web development.

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