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The web developers have a lot of options available when it comes to selecting an appropriate JavaScript framework for the development of an exceptional website application. These options include AngularJS, ReactJS, etc. Yet, it is a very tough and tricky decision for the developers as each of these frameworks have their own pros and cons. Therefore, before finally choosing any one of them to proceed with your project, the best Web Design Company in Bangalore would highly recommended that you compare the trio and see which one fits your requirements to the best. For sure, it would be an exciting competition when all the three major JavaScript frameworks come under the same roof to be tested for one particular web application.


Angular Development Company’s tech wizards definitely believe that this comparison must be made on different criterias that include the size and budget of the particular project, the features to be included in the web application, expertise of the team members, interoperability and so on and so forth. Let’s get an opinion as to why web developers should choose Angular over the other frameworks.


Angular made its inception in the year 2009, i.e. a decade ago and we must give all the credit to technical giant Google for introducing it. It is an open source client-side web framework to help the Angular developers in resorting issues related to single page web applications developed that was viewed multiple times. It also helps in extending the HTML vocabulary by supporting the various libraries. It receives support of large community base. Angular is still going high and after the release of Angular 8.0 in the year 2019, the web developers can look forward to choosing it for complex web application development. In fact, Google is planning to launch its updated version Angular 9 very soon with further improvements.

Let us take a look at The Benefits of Angular:

First of all, the developers will find it easier to develop a customized Document Model Object (DOM).Web developers get the support of angular libraries, which helps in creating strong template solutions.It has the advantage of in-built injection subsystem dependency. If developers have to conduct a unit test in Angular, they first have to inject the mock data into the controller and then view the results along with its behavior.

Web developers can develop each of the single pages separately and combine with the components to see the outcome. Angular also offers single routing and appealing User Interface with data binding. It provides an extension to HTML syntax and developers can build reusable components by directives. They have to essentially synchronize the data between the model view and component.

Angular Web Development Company

Web Development Company’s final conclusion:

All the three JavaScript frameworks are readily available and popularly used by the web developers worldwide. It only depends on what the project requirements are and one to choose the right framework and maximize its benefits. Angular is comprehensive framework and it wins in getting the support of large community. So, if you are searching for highly efficient JavaScript framework developers, contact us the best Angular Web Development Company any time without any doubt.

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