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Angular Development Company in Bangaloretells you about what’s new in Angular 8.

May 2019- the birth of ANGULAR 8.0,
A whole lot of performance and workflow improvements in the latest version of Angular 8 can be noticed when compared to Angular 7. There are several features in the new version that the developers can look forward to.

Ivy – the eagerly-awaited, third-gen renderer along with other goodies like CLI APIs, differential loading, web worker support, and more are included in this version.

Angular Development Services in Bangalore

This major release stretches across the entire platform and aligns it to the ecosystem. It covers the framework and Angular material. Improved application loading speed on modern browsers is a big plus point. With smaller bundles and higher order components, we can expect better debugging and quicker compilations without the need to repeat codes.

The newest additions aren’t enormous, except Ivy. But, they still are important. So, if you are wondering whether to upgrade to Angular 8.0, Angular Development Company would definitely recommend it. Since there are lesser breaking changes, your existing applications will work just fine without any changes.

To add on, you will be able to enjoy performance gains with differential loading and prepare your applications for Ivy. You never know, Ivy could even become the default in Angular 9 or 10, that is the future versions of Angular.

ANGULAR 8.0 is power-packed with these new features:

  • Differential Loading
  • Ivy Rendering Engine
  • Bazel Support
  • Builders API
  • Support for location
  • Web Workers
  • Router Backwards compatibility
  • Opt-in usage sharing

Our Conclusion:

To sum up all the above features, we think that the Angular team has definitely done a great job with the framework making the web developers’ job much easier and simpler.

This version of Angular looks much more like a convenient solution which focuses on all the modern technological trends with the add-on features like Ivy, route configurations using dynamic imports, web worker support, new builder API in the CLI and Unified Angular Location Service.

Angular Web Development Services

With every new version that is being released, the Angular framework has been getting better and smoother.The best Angular Development Company strives hard to deliver solutions with the highest level of consistency in performance and quality.

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