ANGULAR: Popular Javascript Framework for Front-End Development

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The technological trends in web applications are escalating at a rapid rate in the current generation with this the dominance of JavaScript framework continues to soar even higher. Developers across the globe have begun to believe and accept Javascript as the most efficient programming language for building web applications. The major reason being JavaScript ecosystem,which has always got richer and better. Now you all know the WOW FACTOR! CONFUSION? NO IDEA?

Angular Development Company is here to tell what you should choose for web development.

Now the major confusion that the developers have is about choosing the best framework to carry out their task with utmost ease and seamlessly for the perfect web applications to be built. Remember to choose the Best Web Development Company and the best JavaScript framework based on your project requirements for your web application. Also, you need to keep in mind and look forward to a few other important factors before making the final decision. These can be the features of the particular framework, easy on integrating and implementing it into the project, support of the community, a good well described documentation and many more.


Please consider the pros and cons of all the JS frameworks too… helps to a large extent.To begin with, Let us take a look at ANGULAR , optimal JavaScript front-end framework that is currently ruling the web application development industry.

Angular Framework


For client-side development, Angular is regarded as one of the dominant JavaScript frameworks. The popularity of Angular has been ascending with every release and the new one Angular 9.0 is up in the coming year. Angular is known as the Model View Controller or whatsoever framework and it is ideally suitable to fit the needs of startups and medium size businesses.

With the emerging frameworks such as ReactJS, Angular framework does face a steady competition. This is why the Angular team tries to revamp the framework and launch newer versions with more improvement each time that supports a wide spectrum of features and supports the development of web applications for desktop as well as well as mobile applications.

Angular framework that exists now has versions created with TypeScript from Microsoft with an aim to make JavaScript more agile and flexible, specially designed for large scale businesses. Angular is one of the most preferred frameworks for building Single-Page Applications with a strong community support.

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